Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This is a slight update of what I've been up to lately.

1) Worked at a concert.

Sandy Lam's concert. Great experience. Quite an eye opener =)

This was taken during the rehearsal. Apparently we were not allowed to take pictures/video during rehearsals. So I only dared took it from afar =/

One of the crew members did ask if I was interested in working for Astro on Demand (AOD), apparently to play games with HK celebs? and with quite attractive salary. But unfortunately I would be in Australia then and had to forgo that opportunity. =/

2) And I'll be starting my internship next week
I'll be starting my internship at Alliance Bank in KL soon on Monday. Say goodbye to my summer vacation. I feel excited but scared at the same time. Worried that I don't know the operations in the banking/finance sector and will drive my superior nuts. T__T

Update: Changed my mind last minute and decided to do summer semester in Monash instead. Say hello to studies again woohoo. haha. Let's hope summer semester is really that chillax as described by some friends hmmmm.

3) I miss...

my long hair T___T

emo... =(

Doesn't quite look emo-ish?... wadever la. emo. =(

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And it's end of the war.

If we know that procrastination will bring us down, why do we even let it get the better of us despite being aware of that even when we are procrastinating?

If we know our mistakes this time and fully intend to change for the better the next time, why do we always let procrastination interrupt the intention to do so? Or even, why can't we seem to get the desirable outscome even after so much hard work?

These were the questions that often came into my mind after incidences like exams. and assignments. I always would procrastinate and only start doing all I could only when it's nearing.

I truly wish to eliminate that behaviour of mine. Even when I was in my first semester in university, mind you. But I never really succeeded. I wanna pray to Guan Yin ma to not let me be so lazy all the time. Consistent effort will do me good when final exams come. I jolly well know that. Sigh.

After writing so much, I would like to proudly announce that my final examinations are officially over! It was alright, I hope, except for the law paper which I did not have enough time to do much. And even though it is an open book paper, it was really difficult to find the statutes and cases T_____T I felt like crying in the exam. Really I did. I hate Company law.

I am so tired now and my face is full of pimples after approx 3 weeks of late nights (almost every night). oh and I have obvious dark circles around my eyes too. I shall rest for a few days before going out with the dudes and ladies first. hehehe.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Short update

Recently we did a photoshoot at Monash in conjunction with the various farewells for several people who are potentially leaving Malaysia.

And similarly, this may potentially be my last semester studying in this campus. T__T

There are quite a number of pictures already uploaded on Facebook. I'll blog bout it soon after my exams end k!

So at the meantime, stay tuned! =P

Pictures by Yunn. Great photography skills I must say =)

My nightmares:-
30/10 - Commercial Banking & Finance
11/11 - Company Reporting
13/11 - Performance Measurement and Control
17/11 - Malaysian Company Law

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

EXAM @_@


Wassup yo! (I don't know the mood is like this when I see the picture above =/)

Currently in half blast exam mode. (full when it is super nearing i hope T___T)

omg so scared when I think of it. how am I gonna survive through this tough semester finals? T__T

Anyways, be right back in November!

Miss me in the meantime kays! =D

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shari's departure @ KLIA - 2nd October 2009

So it's been a week + since Shari left Malaysia. It took me awhile to blog bout this cos

1) the picture provider (ck) was slow in uploading on facebook, and
2) I was even slower in uploading it here as i've been busy with assignment and now speed catching up with syllabus T____T

Imma look like a mad woman if ya see me a week later. Suan has seen that before while I was studying for exam last sem. ask her. lol.


Before moving on to the pictures, I'd humbly like to have a small discussion here:

Often when you give people gift(s), the cliche saying is that "price does not matter, it's the thought that counts". But my humble opinion is that, well to a certain extent I agree with that, in the sense that the gift that you give does not have to be a branded LV bag, or so to speak.

However though, the value of the gift does imply your thoughts of that person. Don't you think?

For instance, a birthday gift. you are willing to spend RM10 to buy a gift for A; but to buy a gift for B, you wouldn't mind spending RM100. So obviously B has a greater spending in your heart.

But this does not apply to random gifts out of nowhere without occassions. Especially when you don't expect that. If someone buys a gift for you randomly without occasions, now that's really thoughtful even if it's just RM5 =)

Has that ever happened to you before? hehe. well, just a food for thought =)


Ok. Pictures. I know that's what you're waiting for :p

On behalf of us, CK made this for Shari . Ain't that sweet? T___T

We were there earlier before others. So in this picture we were hanging around reading the notes that everyone wrote for Shari on the back of the thingy that CK made.

And then CK the paparazzi grabbed the opportunity to take picture of pretty people.

what? I iz pretty wokay. lalala~

Chung Seng explaining his... um, big business plans?

Cheau Chin got lost on her way to KLIA. So we were 3G-ing. heheheeee.

Guys present. 1 of them is holding the camera.

mandatory group picture #1 (incomplete)

mandatory group picture #2 (complete)

Shari's other group of friends who were also present: Chuck, Mike and a girl names something like Shu Yee? Shu Yih? (=P) spelling i dunno~ pretty T__T

Sisters with the same faces. Miracle. Haha look at Tracey's t-shirt (white). Looks like she is still dreaming that Shari's not leaving yet hor? hahahaha sorry. lame i know. boo.

Hin Guan is also leaving on a business trip to London. xD
.....So not. he's only queueing on behalf of Shari's bro so that he can take picture with his family. hahahahaahahaah.

and Cheau Chin FINALLY found her way there! =D bravo bravo.

woots. sweetenehz.

Trademark pose ala Chung Seng. Damn sien already la this pose. =P

Hahaha Vernon looks like a geisha! hahahahahaaha. ok. not funny. =

Me love. T______T missing you already.

err... like what some people say. Rain.... =/ (up to how you interpret this =P)
sings rain is coming down... on the rooftop. hualala.

Calvin Klein the photographer.

18sx! =O


Overload! @_@

This was when a smile changed to cries. note: cries (plural)
You guys were waiting to see this huh. T___T

Then Shari ran away from me while I was crying T____T

Shari's Mama telling her what to do.

Apparently everyone was wishing that her passport expired and then she can't go to london?
.....Right. Dream on... T____T *dreaming*

my love.

can you see CK's hair at the bottom? haha. and omg kids don't look at Vernon. Mama says we can't do that _ _

Most touching moment.
Shari hugged mama. I think she was crying very terribly by the time this picture was taken.

Even now when I look at it I feel like crying T_____T
Shari, take care! It feels really different now without you, Grace and Suan here =(

My grief is beyond explanation. My best friends left one by one. Knowing that I won't be seeing you guys for another 2 years hurts even more. Can't wait to hang out and talk to you guys again. and do fun things with you guys T___T

Miss me ok =P

Grace, Shari, Suan Shih my loves. All the best smartypants! i'm so proud to have you guys as my friends =)

And Ei-Jean. Don't be down. You'll be fine in UK =)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shari's farewell T___T

Venue: Her house
Participants: All the crazy people
Food: Legendary Teluk Pulai Bah Kut Teh all the way from Klang
Photo from : CK aka Calvin Klein
What else: I don't know

Hmm. wonder what's hidden underneath that cap

The bets for Indian Poker. loser has to eat whatever people bet. @_@

Robin wants to pick a fight. xD

CK says this is S.H.E. =/

Chung Seng(right)'s trademark pose...

again... -__-

my loves.
I got tired eyes T__T

Specky wannabe posing with CK's glasses. haha.

Then Clariesa terjangkit Chung Seng's penyakit

Then cupcake also =.=

During the game.
Lilian is not concentrating. lol.
All knew Ck was gonna get it and bet a lot of food for him to eat.

CK with a bread in his mouth and Chung Seng.... awoooo~

EAT BREAD! hahahaha.

HAHA Hing Guan what're you doing. =/
looks like a puppy here =X

We're worried that her stomach would explode cos she finished most of the bah kut teh that night. hahaa.

Quite coincidently there's a laughing Buddha at the back.

Pretty Shari you look like "why so serious" here :p
poor cupcake let people bully T__T
but I suppose it's mandatory :p

kinda like this. too bad i covered most part of my face xD

Shari I love youuuuu!!!! T______T

Family photo

Then, they surprised Clariesa with a hugeass doggy plush as her birthday present.

ala Lion Dance =S

Did you realise that the doggy looks funny floating at the back? hahahahaha.

This looks as though Chung Seng was wearing a costume.

eek. act cute king.

If you don't know how guys look when they act cute, this is a good illustration.

Ok this should be all that I would post here at the moment. For the rest of the photos taken, kindly proceed to Facebook and search for it thank you.

But I'm still waiting for the other batch of photos from Shari though. This cupcake's been MIA since she left to london T__T

Next up: Shari's departure at KLIA. I put it in separate posts cos both combined, there are too many pictures. hehe. So stay tuned =P