Sunday, April 18, 2010

Suddenly I had the urge to blog. It's quite random I know, but oh well, that's me =P

For the past few months I couldn't be quite bothered to blog but all of a sudden I felt like writing something here. So I guess I should start with updating with what happened and where I am now.

Fyi if you still haven't already known, I am currently in Australia, studying in Monash Caulfield which is in Melbourne. Basically settled down already by now and very fortunate to have had mom with me when I first arrived and she helped me get all the essentials =) I love mommy =D mom and I met up with Aunty Kitty who lives in Melbourne and also went to Sydney for the weekend to visit Aunty Janet who lives in Sydney, and also my cousin Bryan who also came to Sydney to study.

Part of the reason why I think I was SO lazy to blog was because uploading photos on the blog is painfully annoying! so um, for pictures, please visit my facebook account =D

And I am currently living in a house known as Emo House (because it is located on Emo Road) with 4 other girls. I did not know them before coming but heard of and have seen some of them around before in uni. Well I have basically got to know them better now and I am happy that I have them as housemates! These girls can be reallyy random at times and I love that because I love randomness! =D

And I'm glad that they are all vain (like me) and we can go shopping together, try our dresses and show each other, buy same pieces of clothing just because we are so kiasu we don't wanna miss out on nice stuff, spend hours at the table in the kitchen talking and doing nothing, conference with each other on msn even when we just live less than a meter from each other, and so on! Thank God we could get along well =)

Ok enough of updates bout Aus so far, let's fast forward to what happened today.

The others went out since morning and noon and I was home alone. And and! I did my work! hooray babeh for once I actually sat down properly without distractions (no facebook no msn cos I put my status as busy) and read my law notes and book =P ok I know now I'm here blogging and this = distraction. sigh. I need to go back to work soon. um, i mean NOW!

So let's hope I will be semangat enough to blog more in the future kays! There are too many pictures taken within the past few months that I haven't blogged and I think it'll take forever to upload it here. But they're all on facebook you guys can check it out there =D

see you when i see you!

Till then, tata :p