Monday, July 19, 2010


1. Amanda
3 weeks ago when I first came home from Australia, there was a baby at my house. The baby's name is Amanda and she belongs to my aunt. Mom helped aunt to take care of the baby for 1 month while aunt goes to work. But last Friday, the baby went home for good cos her mom resigned and became a full time housewife to take care of her.

Amanda is so adorable. Having a baby at home made me learn a bit on how to take care of babies, by observing how mom does it (she's pretty experienced in this, after years of raising my siblings and I). Well, the best part of it all was that I learnt to carry her. It was kinda scary to carry a month old babies cos they seemed so fragile but I did it and liked it especially when she seemed secured in my arms and smiled widely as she slowly fell asleep peacefully. That experience was truely priceless =) She just made me love babies more.

This is how baby Amanda looks like. She is so adorable nobody could resist and she is now the center of the whole family's attention. Such a right time to exist, being the only baby in the family and the whole family's love and care are showered on her without other babies to share :p

Anyway she went home to her mom last Friday and the whole family missed her. But we can still see her anytime we want at her house =)


2. A trip to the cinema
HOHO I went out with my girls today to pyramid to watch a movie. The choices were between Despicable Me and Inception. But guess what we ended up watching yo! It is Twi to the light Twilight Eclipse. HAHA. Cos Shari and Grace had to leave early and the next session for those 2 movies were too late.

But hey to be fair this time it isn't that bad compared to the second, and I didn't watch the first so I'm not gonna compare it to the first. The second one was seriously a pain. But the third one was alright, though not superb. At least there was an element of suspense on whether Victoria will find Bella and what they'll do to defend themselves against the new-born vampires etc.

But the cheesiness between Edward and Bella, oh boy, cracked me up a little. I laughed at one point when it was so cheesy I could not take it and Suan and Shari both laughed as well haha. But don't get me wrong. Cheesy is good, cheesy is good (it's kinda ticklish if you get what I mean hahahhahahaa).


3. The end of a journey, the beginning of another
Technically the semester is starting tomorrow but my classes only start on Thursday. Sigh, it's back to that same ol routine (that I dread) again. But then again, this can never be avoided. It is part of the process that everyone has to encounter in growing up. And this is my final semester as a student, after which I would most probably be working.

Time really flies. It still feels as though it was just yesterday when I first came to Monash, and before I know it, I have only 1 semester left to complete my studies. And at this time next year, I would most probably be already working! Sometimes I think I grow up too fast. I dread jumping onto the job-searching and career-life oriented bandwagon. But hey that's life, babeh. If this is not what I'll be doing, I don't know what else will be.

But I guess as much as I dread the future working-life, I kinda look forward to what I may face as that is where I would gain more knowledge on the real world and life, and hopefully achievements and self-satisfaction at work.

But looking on the brighter side, I hope to make full use of my remaining half a year of life as a student. And it's pretty exciting to be back at the Malaysian campus because there are more pretty girls here than in Caulfield! Or maybe they are just easier to be spotted here than Caulfield? haha =P It's not that I have specific interest in pretty girls, but don't we all love looking at pretty things? =D

Anyway it's late, time for bed. Goodnight before the sun rises hohoho =D

Time to be a nerd again! 8-)

Have you seen a nerd camwhore?

There. =P

Friday, July 16, 2010


This week is my final week of freedom. The second semester of the year starts next week.

After which, it means another (and potentially the final) round of stress, assignments, tutorial works, and exams. Seriously I dread exams. I realize I always do not perform my best in exams. Perhaps it's cos I overstress myself prior to the exams that during the actual exam day itself I have no more willpower to sustain the mood and thus, I under-perform. Sometimes I feel very angry with that attitude of mine too.

For the coming semester, I hope for consistent hard work. I hope I will sustain the mood to study and always keep up with syllabus. I think I am really poor in time management. This shall be something about me that I need to observe and hopefully improve the next semester. It is my final semester, and I just needa nail it.

And I am writing this so that when I look back, I remember this is what I wanted to strive for. So much thoughts flowing through my mind now - thoughts regarding my academic life which is coming to an end, my career life which is drawing closer and closer, and my achievements in life so far. I am still looking for my talent and something that I would excel in but unfortunately, I just can't seem to find a satisfying answer yet.

And the more this happens, the less faith I have in life. Sometimes when you see people achieving what you've always strived for, you ask yourself, where did you go wrong? If you've worked hard and they too worked hard, but they achieved so much more than you did, then how much more hard work do you have to put in to gain the equivalent amount as what they have gained?

Life isn't fair. Some are born with natural talents and are good in everything without trying much; while for people like me, I have never been the brightest kid in town, nor the handsomest among the rest. And therefore there's a lot more for me to do in order to be on par with others. This is, indeed, very tiring. But I shall take the remaining semester as a real challenge, and continue fighting to at least gain as much as I can before my opportunity dies down.

Please, God bless me. Thank you.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I learnt that...

There's always 2 sides of story to a dispute. The involved party always thinks he's right and the other party is always wrong in his opinion. And then he'll tell his friends his side of story which would appear to his friends that he's right and the other party is wrong. This happens most of the time.

I have almost never been in one and always chose to avoid but it will still affect me rather greatly if the other party goes overboard. It is, however, very tiring to be in one but sometimes it is just difficult to forget what's happened and talk to that person like normal. At least not so soon.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Random thoughts 11/7/2010

I miss taking walks home from uni alone after my classes when I was in Australia, especially when the weather was good and not too cold. The walks were usually peaceful and observing the surrounding stimulates my mind and makes me think. I remember observing how fat the birds in Aus were. And I am still amazed by their size compared to Malaysian birds, really. =/

But I'm not complaining that I do not get to take walks anymore. The lifestyle of being chauffeured in car in Malaysia is good as well. Saves energy + there's air con =)

Anyway, point is, I think that my brain hasn't been really working due to holidays (too relaxed, don't needa think much) and holidays are quite a bore, it makes one lazy as a result of lazing around at home too much rather than stimulating a person's mind. But when there're classes, things pass by too quickly that you feel you do not have enough time for studies.

I really wish there could be more balance in this. Like we have more frequent but shorter holidays (1 week holiday after every 2 weeks of classes), rather than long holidays all at one go (1 or 4 months holiday). I don't know if it's actually feasible, but all I know is that it will not happen.



Majority of the society judge people by appearance. Though it might seem shallow to some people, but you might realize that subconsciously appearance does affect your impression on a person.

Furthermore, how can the society (especially young minds that aren't completely molded yet) not be affected when majority of the hit songs describe affections based on appearance.

An example that I came across most recently is this:
Honey got a booty like pow, pow, pow
Honey got some boobies like wow, oh wow
Girl you know I'm loving your, loving your style
Check, check, check, check, check, checking you out like,
Ooh (oooh) she got it all
Sexy from her head to the toes
And I want it all, it all, it all
Usher -OMG

And we all know there are plentyyyy more describing affections in the same way. This just shows how people get attracted to people based on looks.

Just gotta admit that appearance does play a part in this huh?

Is this a good or bad thing? Well it's up to you to judge =)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bad antics

Would you feel disturbed when people talk to you,with many swear words included in their speech? Or are you the type who uses swear words in your speech?

I don't know bout you but personally, I cannot stand people including a lot of swear words when talking. It might be excusable to use it when you're mad or angry but is there actually a need to use it in casual conversation? It is even more unpleasant when a girl does this.

And I have this thing against smokers. I usually walk away when someone near me starts smoking. And I find it disturbing to see girls smoking. Especially those with bleached hair, thick black eye make up, super short shorts (torn denim, super hipster), super high heels. I think it looks pretty degrading, doncha think?

The foul words are disturbing, the smoking is sick. But yet I wonder why some people think it's cool and why they do it.

Hmm. Thoughts to ponder around? =)


Friday, July 9, 2010

The earth is spinning too fast

Seriously, I wonder where my 24 hours in a day go. Time really passes insanely fast.

In a blink of an eye, an hour passed. Before you know it, it's nightfall again.
24 hours felt long but it wasn't actually enough to spare.
You realize you didn't do much in a day but yet, there goes your day.
It passed just right under your nose.

That's life for you, ladies and gentlemen.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New header

New picture for header. This time there're 5 of us in the picture. Ho ho Sarapohz happy? =P

Friday, July 2, 2010

And finally...

I'm home!

So glad to be home. But everything felt so surreal. It's as though the past half a year in Aus was a dream. Perhaps it is just that I adapt to home so well that it felt as though I have never left home. And I'm loving this feeling. I love the fact that I'm home! Loving the weather though I sweat much more here and even soaking wet sometimes, but I seriously appreciate the weather here. And it feels so good to sweat again! =D

Loved Aus for the shopping + food. Definitely gonna miss it and also my aunt and family who took such great care of me when I was in Melbourne. Gonna miss aunt a whole lot. Wanted to cry when I hugged her goodbye at the airport but I held on. Cried when I hugged Sarah and left Emo House. Man I'm so gonna miss that house cos of all the memories that came with it. Miss my housemates lotz! And thank you Janice for the lovely card you made. It was lovely and it emofies me even more =(

And sucha coincidence! Emily and Yee Keong sat beside me on the flight! We didn't plan it! At first emily and Yee Keong booked the seats in front, while I booked the seat at the back. But somehow Air Asia changed their seats to those beside mine. I was so shocked when I saw them. =D

One of the only bad parts bout being home is: Being in Malaysia = seeing more of lizards again OMG LOR WEH!! I hope I won't be seeing them!! OOOH AND!!! I had my maggi goreng after I touched down!! + tandoori chicken OMG LOVELEH BABEH!

Met up with Graze today. Met her just 6 days ago at Melbourne but it feels as though I haven't seen her for 6 months! Haha. The person I see most often in Melbourne, is the first I meet when I'm home. =D

Anyway, just a slight update for today. I came home to a cute adorable baby (aunt's. but baby is here occasionally for mom to look after when aunt's working). Aww sucha cute baby she's now the center of attention that mom barely has time for me! Pft.

Oki more updates soon!

Til then. =D