Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It was grandma's birthday last Saturday. But we celebrated on Sunday afternoon as the restaurant that we wanted to go to was fully booked.

So that also means I was back in Ipoh. I love to go back to Ipoh. The food, grandma and other relatives, my cheap and nice haircut in kampar on the way to Ipoh... the facilities in the club which my dad's a member.... all those are awesome.

And last but not least, whenever I get back to Ipoh, there're always dogs to see, which, in Subang, is often a rare sight for me cos no relatives in Subang rare dogs. I love dogs. =)

Grandma's house has 2 to begin with, 2 enthusiastic looking dogs which never fail to greet us with waggly tails whenever we arrive. In addition to that, last weekend, Aunt brought her 2 dogs over. 1 is a shih tzu and the other is husky, the species that looks like wolf that is often found in places like... the arctic =) such a rare species. It has blue eyes. woots.

picture of said doggies.

husky's still a playful puppy, always looking for hands to chew on. it's quite painful sometimes, to be bitten by her. it's only 2 months old but look at its size! it's gonna be damn huge when it grows up.

The shih tzu is g'damn cute man. But it had an injured spine the other day when we got back so whenever someone attempts to carry it it'll literally scream. and then it tried quite hard to avoid being touched cos he's in pain. but husky loves to bite his back. lol. such cuties.

ever heard of a dog screaming? well i have. haha.

this is me forcing lil shih tzu to take a picture. haha.

err.... me with a silly pose.

Grandma's birthday lunch. =)

Apart from the birthday cake, we had this to eat. proudly made by aunt =)

Grandma and her grandchildren =)

the three stooges xD

Thursday, September 24, 2009

CK's 21st.

It was held at the poolside at Court 10 apartments, where Hin Guan's dad owns a unit there.
CK was not supposed to know that it was planned for him.

In other words, it was meant to be a surprise birthday party for ck BUT after the long awaited "surprise" was performed, he expressed that he actually suspected it. oh well... anyhow, he may know that there'll be a surprise for him, but he may not know how we were gonna surprise him =D

me, crystal, annie baby.

Me love cupcake daling =)

Chung Seng, Sharon and Lilian

All of a sudden flames broke out and the chicken wings were on fire. o_O

CK thought we were celebrating Clariesa's birthday, but in actual fact it was all planned for him.

He was trying so hard to throw Clariesa into the pool but only to find out that he was the one who was aimed to be dunked. lol. padan muka. xD

Group picture.

Left to right: Sharon, Ee Ann, Me, Crystal, Lilian, Hin Guan, CK, Chung Seng, Vernon, Shari cupcake, Clariesa, Rubin.

Now you know who's who =)

The cake that Shari cupcake, Hin Guan and Lilian did for Calvin Klein (CK).
I secretly think that I could decorate those cakes better than them lor.

=X ok now it's not a secret anymore. hahaha.

And they made him eat 1 particular cupcake which contained wasabi. That's his reaction after eating it. =( pity face.

Crazy people. I don't know them =P

That's calvin klein filled with mashed potato.
ewww... Looks like the joker in The Dark Knight.

haih. I really don't know what to say bout these people.
I was one of the few sane ones =P

Shari and the guys ;o)

Rubin the centre of attraction. Forgot what he was saying.


Can you see Ee Ann's greedy face? xD

After party at McD's. it was quite past my bedtime hence the face. paiseh.

He always looks like this. haha.


Chung seng.


Hin Guan

Shari and I


only under the white light that we realised we consumed so many of such white & part-raw looking chicken wings.

No one wanted to eat it and these gone to the bin in the end.
That's bout it for that night. =)

It was Ei Jean's turn to leave on Monday. Though I don't usually see her that often despite that she lives just opposite, but I do feel the difference knowing that she's not in that house anymore.
It feels... empty. Suan Shih, Ei jean... soon Shari's gonna leave me too. Cupcake =( =( I miss miss you =( speaking bout people overseas, Grace is mia. Grace I hope I'm coming to you babeh. But it really sucks that I still can't tell yet. It's not even open for application yet. sobs. this sucks eh? =(

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


2000 words Law assignment down. 2000 more words to write for Commercial Banking.

1 test, 1 presentation, 1 assignment next week. Can life get better at this stage?


My (academic) life's been so hectic and i'm so lazy and these two don't complement each other well.

And i got into trouble here and there (eg losing my ID, many datelines to remember etc and some I don't wanna mention here). And due to the work overload, I can't revise my syllabus on time and I feel kinda lost now especially in Company Reporting this subject I tell you, it drives me nuts.

On a random note, Eason Chan's voice sound so good when he sings slow emo songs. loves.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I ain't well.

So stressed up with the workload. It's so heavy that I do not even have enough time for revision and I feel so lost and frustrated with Company Reporting. It is the worst subject I've ever taken in my education life so far. The tendency of failing this subject, from what I see, and from seniors' comments, is very absolutely high. Hopefully it'll get better in time =(

I hope Guan Yin Ma will bless me. Please =(

I am so stressed up that some days I don't bother two hoots putting on much make up before going for classes anymore. No, serious. Those who know me and are in Monash and observant enough would probably notice this. I'm a plain jane now =(

Went back hometown and had a hair cut.

The effect is not that obvious here but I think I look like an apple now. No not me. My hair looks like an apple. T________T It's just too layered and short. How am I gonna have long hair by next January for that big occassion T__T.

And from the picture you can see that on the left side of my face which used to be very nice, is ruined. Got pimples. Maybe it's not so obvious here but it's bad. The right side of my face is worst. See what had the stress done to me.

I'm so stressed I think I'm in depression I wanna cry =(

I have an assignment due tomorrow. It's Malaysian Company Law. It's so statute-based its is SO boring. I don't wanna do law =( Thank God I didn't choose law as my career if not I'd be much depressed by now.

I haven't finished doing my research yet I'm here telling you how stressed I am. I seriously ain't well =(