Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's terribly hard to tell someone honestly how you felt bout what she did/didn't do when she turns all defensive, not even accepting what you say.   And to make things worse she goes on and on babbling things that signal an initiation to argue.  Wouldn't opening your heart and talk nicely be a better option? I always wished i had someone like this to confide in. How do i talk calmly to you when you didn't even allow me to in the first place? This happened every. single. time. Sometimes,  in general it might seem like nothing is wrong, but drill down to smaller details/incidences, some of the things could have been done better. There are some incidences to mention, but i just thought there wasn't any point bringing it up since anything said was defended without consideration. Well, perhaps i just have to keep these to myself and feel the burden of not being able to share with anyone. Does anyone know how helpless this feels? Sigh.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Emo.. For?

There're some things that, even if given a second chance, you would still make the same decision. But, you don't feel quite happy with how it is now either.

Fickled minded, it seems?
Time will tell. I hope.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

If only...

If only I had more time, there'd be so many things I wish I had done/would do.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Update: Graduation

It's been almost half a year since I last blogged. I always find it amazing how time flies. Then, I had just completed my studies and preparing to look for a job; Fast forward, now I've been working for months already, getting more and more used to it day by day. Such is life...

But what happened in between, was the official ceremony to mark the completion of my studies of 3 years. It felt a bit emotional here and there, nevertheless I'm still glad that it's all over. The assignment stress, exam stress, sometimes-unnecessary-pressure-put-on-self etc, I bid farewell to them! =P but lo and behold, a nastier version of stress has taken over now at work. Not complaining! =)

So it's pretty obvious that by now I have officially turned from a graduand to a graduate. I'm now an alumni! whoa that term makes me feel old. But seriously, this is just still so surreal! Like "*pinch pinch* what? I'm now at this phase of life? noooooo" kinda thing. (sorry drama sedikit di sana)

Glad to have had family and friends at the convocation to celebrate this remarkable moment with me.

To my peers -
We've come a longggg way, and now ready to take on the world of uncertainty, volatility and challenges. All the best in your future endeavours and do strive for the best!

The important ones that I feel most thankful to, always. =')

It's such an honour to have grandma over all the way from Ipoh to witness my graduation. Hope I made her proud =)

And there're friends to thank as well. Since there were too many with friends, so I shall only put those with my favorites =P

To my 4 beloved ex (Australia) housemates -
Though I've said this many times before, it's still such a pleasure to have met you guys there and thanks for making my Aussie days so much better than it would have been! Thanks for making my convo a very meaningful one with your presence (though room 4 occupant is still stuck in Aus and couldn't be here but it's ok)! It really meant a lot to me =)

Thanks for the presents and cards too! =)

We've come to the end of the graduation update today.
Til we meet again, take care!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


It's been quite an interesting week so far. But I've been out too often lately and have been spending limited time at home with the family (bet they missed me too woohoo). Let's hope tomorrow (Sunday) and the few days after would be nice stay-home days! =D

Nevertheless, it's been fun seeing new people, attending the bbq minus those annoying cats :( URGH!, the dinner with people I did not know well (but randomly fun =D), and the meet-ups with people who came back from overseas lately! It's been great.

And the sleepover at lil poh's house too, in which we talked and laughed so hard I had asthmatic cough for the night, and then the birthday dinner I attended when I haven't even met the birthday boy before. how muka tembok i know right but it was fun nevertheless :P. haha! =P

And this coming week, more rounds of meet-ups/dinner/yumcha.
(Oh crap, wallet is seriously getting thinner! How now brown cow?)

And that particular meet-up, should I or should I not? hmm.

nyehe! picure time! :P

Goodnight. Guess I won't be insomniac tonight after tiring myself from the past few days! =D

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What up yo!

Hello folks! It's been awhile since I last bothered to update this blog.

I was barely half done with the semester when I previously blogged. Who would have guessed that the next time I touch this blog (which is now, today) would be after I have completed my final semester in university, and even, my life as a student has now come to an end! Well, unless I decided to do postgraduate studies but even so, I would not consider myself being a student then. Haha.

Somehow I have lost the urge to always write about things like how I used to. Perhaps it is because I do not take walks like I do in Australia anymore; neither do I do all my chores on my own anymore. Hence less observation of my surroundings and thinking (I usually do a lot of thinking on my way home from the university when I was studying in Aussie), and thus less inspiration to pen down my thoughts.

Life in Subang is just so different. I'm so pampered and well taken care of - much lesser chores to do, always being chauffeured around/have car, have mom to take care of my well-being (self explanatory, that almost fully explained the meaning of "being pampered"), dad to take care of my finances and a bit of my well-being as well, sis to go shopping with (and maybe buy me lunch/tea/stuffs), bro for me to call for when I face technology/gadget difficulties, and more friends here to study with (and now, graduate together!!). I mean come on, everything's here at a place I call home! In some ways I feel very blessed. =)

Anyway, I mentioned that I have completed my studies. Indeed, that's right. I am basically having the time of my life now - full freedom from the books/notes/lectures/tutorials, no commitments, no datelines, long hours of sleep, going out or spending time at home whenever I wanted to, etc. But I know that this is bound to end soon when I get a job. I'm currently still in the midst of preparing/finalizing my CV and application to some companies and let's hope I get through to the big companies! Too long a period of enjoyment brings detriment too. The brain functions at a slower pace, but the wallet thins at an even faster pace! I feel like a parasite, eroding dad's capital as I spend on shopping and good food so much. Hence, I seriously gotta get a job soon and start earning my own money.

So here's a brief recap on what's happened during the past few months. Shall not bother writing too much as it'll take forever to complete.

1) Basically, there were birthdays...

CK's birthday. Just a simple dinner with friends (quite a big group. picture above only consists of all who wore green in which I'm included *proud smiles*) and hang out sessions that's all.

Then it was Navjit's birthday celebration in the midst of exams AND after exams where we went for dinner together. and it was catching up sessions with Lobeka who came back, from aussiesesatland, Gene bean who *ahem* had some (or many) updates lately, and of course, here I'm talking bout Hwee as well. Updates *wink wink*. Haha. I can't help smiling when I think of all the good news/things that happened ever since exams ended! =D Haven't met the other few from their SJ gang though but will soon do I suppose! (It's still very funny and unbelievable that I'm keeping in touch with more SMKSJ people than those from my own high school!?)

Then there were also Ee Ann's and Grace's birthdays but these we did not get to celebrate due to unallowing circumstances but chill out girls! Presents coming your way! =D

2) I worked at Adam Lambert's glamnation tour concert...
and it was hella fun! I loved Lambert, I loved his vocals, and his charisma. Very amazing indeed. Anyway, great experience. I got placed at the VIP area with those pretty girls and I suppose I'm considered as one of them? nyaha! =P

Anyway that should be all for today. Chao for now ladies and gentlemen. Take care and good luck with your endeavours til we meet again! =D


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Guess what?

I combed my hair today! It's been awhile...

HELLO COMB! It's been almost a year since I last used you! =D