Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hi! =D

Who would have thought that I could come online from Emo House again!
(Didn't have internet the whole of last week cos we disconnected it as all of us are leaving)
Thanks to Hwee who resubscribed for the internet connection cos she'll be here for another month so she needs it, and so I tumpang. =D

Anyway, it's packamania at Emo House!

Grrr so annoying. Don't know where to start how to start what to start with. I'm so reluctant to clear my study desk. How now brown cow? =(

Sarah's friends are here for the night. 9 people in Emo House. Whoa it's never been this happening before. So in total contrast with how Emo House was the past few days, where only Janice and I were home, plus Grace who was here most of the nights to sleepover. It was so quiet as opposed to now! It's 3.06am and they're still playing guitar. 2 guitars and 1 ukulele. It feels really nice though, to have so much noise here. Me love happeningz =D

Oh ya omg Sarah and I went to Mart for breakfast this morning and it was AWE-DAMN-SOME MANZ! Seriously. Super duper satisfying. If only I could have more of that. Life... Good things are never sufficient, are they?

Also went for big breakfast with Grace yesterday at Melbourne Central before her flight back home. That was also totally awesome. Blogged bout it actually when I dropped by uni on the way home to use the internet (there was no internet at Emo House) after coming back from the city. But didn't publish it yet cos I haven't uploaded pictures! Can't do that now either cos we have limited quota to use so better not upload pictures from home. Gotta just wait til I go to uni or when I'm home in Malaysia!

At the moment I seriously can't wait to go back to Malaysia. The weather here is so freaking cold I can't take it I wanna go homeeee. It feels as though my hands are put in an ice box I can't even feel my hands!! That bad.

Gotta pack now. Else I won't get my sleep ever. Toodles.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My last few days in Melbourne

So I had been hanging out with Gracie Chong throughout the past few days ever since the very day my exams ended. It's been really great having her in Melbourne and I am more than glad that she's here. Seriously, she made such a huge difference in my Aussie experience. What more can you ask for than having one of your best friends with you in a foreign country when you're new here?

Basically it was "splurgymania " for the both of us. We went shopping all day at Swanston, Bourke, South Wharf, Harbour town, Vic Mart etc. Well we did not only shop for ourselves, but we also had a mission, which is to fill our siblings' shopping lists. It wasn't easy buying things for other people because you really wouldn't know if the things you find pretty, will seem the same to them.

Wanted to really get something for dad, mom, grandma, aunts and cousins too but perhaps it's also cos of the generation gap, I just can't seem to think of anything good enough to surprise them with besides food and chocolates, which means that there aren't much surprises to give =( But anyways, glad I know that dad loves kit kat and so I bought those for him because apparently kit kats here are nicer =D And my bro better treat me better for the effort I made to find his stuff - walking under the rain in freezingg weather just for you my lovely brotha. O=)

And then Graciechong and I splurged on food as well. Just wanted to eat all the nice food here that I will certainly miss when I get back to Malaysia. Ying thai, Stalactites' Souvlakis, Freddos' gelatos (OMG FREDDOS IS ), KFC's fries (which is different from the ones in Malaysia)... I'm missing those already! And all my arnott's bisuits too. Stocked up but I am sure it'll finish in no time when I get home. sobz. Too addictive. T.T

What made the past few days even greater was that Grazes came over and stayed over at Caulfield. Yay sleepover! It was awe-damn-some. Else it would be only Janice and I in the house cos Beckz is in Malaysia, Navz in Brisbane, and Pohz in Sydney. Watched movies and have chats at night. It was just chillaxingly fun.

Went for big breakfast with Grazes on this very beautiful Sunday morning before her flight back home to Malaysia. Oh gosh the breakfast was loveleh! With a cuppa latte to perfect things up. Super satisfying. After bidding farewell to Graciechong, I decided to go shopping on my own. I took a really nice walk on my way to South Wharf DFO. The sun was out, the weather was just perfect, the view was beautiful, and Yarra river never seemed prettier than this before.

Maybe it is because I was walking alone so I had time to slowly walk along the river while enjoying the sun and scenery around me. I even stopped to take pictures (and took 1 of myself too =P). Everything was just perfect. Very peaceful and nice. Super awesome ♥ Spent quite some time in Borders reading a book, and then off to Cotton On which is a must to visit @ South Wharf cos things there are seriously insanely cheap! haha. =P

Almost 3 quarter done with packing and thankfully I have Grace to help me big time to carry my stuff home. Oh gosh, it was indeed a very big favour from her and I couldn't thank her more. She just made my life easier so I have less trouble bringing all my stuff home. Tried to also rely on some friends who are going back to Malaysia for hols (thought they had less to carry) but not all are as willing as Gracechongz and my housemate Navjitz. haha. Thanks girls. Truly appreciate your help! That's why I always say girls are nicer you see =)

Alright I better go now this post is getting too long. It's 4 days til I'm home! Man it's sooner than I thought. See ya when I'm home people!

Til then.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Farewell #2

Today marks the last day of exams. Last night was the final night that I was actually studying properly in Australia. As much as I'm glad that finals are finally over, at the same time I feel heavy hearted to part with whatever I went through this semester in Australia, specifically Caulfield and Emo House, and also this might sound crazeh, but I will also miss the stress. And the awesome feeling of having housemates taking the same subjects to stress with and discuss the problems with =)

I will miss staying at uni til 11pm to study, I will miss my lecturers (having angmoh lecturers was fun cos it felt different), I will miss going to city with the girls, I will miss Emo House, I will miss chilling out with the girls in one of our rooms til morning light, and most importantly, I will miss the friends I made here. Hey people! We'll continue this part of fun in Malaysia yeah? Since most of you will be going back soon as well. ha!

Just got my marks for my final assignment and I'm contented. Assessments this semester so far had been good. =)

In about a weeks' time, I would be back home! Excited!! =D I love Aussie although I had some bad encounters with rude people but I know generally Aussies are alright, just that small proportion strain the general reputation of the friendliness of the people here.

Will be busy packing and enjoying my last few days without exam stress here in Australia. Will probably be back blogging when I'm home in Malaysia! woohoo hello sun! nyahahahahaa.

Exam season @ Building T lab. Office feel = awesomeness. =D

Til then.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Farewell #1

Rebeka (it's Rebecca but I just like to call her that =P) left Emo House early this morning to the airport to go back to Malaysia. It was the last time hanging out with her and with all 5 of us Emo House girls going out together last night. And honestly, I felt it was the best monthly dinner so far, at least all of us were hyper and had the mood, unlike previous times when some were too tired to be hyper etc.

But anyway, point is, I am super emo now cos it was the last time I see Rebeka in Aus and hang out with her in Aus and this also means that there won't be anymore outings with 5 of us going out together in Aus anymore. It was always like a holiday with them around.

These girls, each and everyone of them - Sarah, Rebecca, Hwee, Navjit... made my stay in Aus the awesomeness thing ever. Thank Buddha/Guan Yin/God for that, and maybe it was the right choice I made to come to Aus in February this year rather than last year (I almost transferred here last year). If not, I seriously wouldn't have met them everrrr.

sigh. ♥ you girls lotzezzz manzzz. missing you guys already =(

3 papers down, 1 more to go. Had the most suckiest one last night. Actually I think all papers are super tough this semester. But glad that I had housemates stressing with me =P

It's back to the notez now. chaoz =(

Thursday, June 10, 2010


As usual, exams are killing me. I am so stressed I have irregular sleeping hours and I was so stressed I cried once... fine, twice or more.

Before you start judging that I'm a kiasu freak who's so kiasu I cry cos I'm worried that I cannot fully grasp the knowledge of all 12 weeks' of work well, please also do understand and take into consideration the fact that I'm in my 3rd year of an Accounting and Banking & Finance major, the subjects do get tougher than ever and it is also obviously not easy to juggle between 2 tough majors (1 is enough to make me suffer).

Moreover I have another Law subject (yes, again) this semester. Gosh listing all these down, I feel like crying again. Haha. Help mom! I'm sooooo worried and stressed and scared and stuff. Oh yeah, ask me the subjectivity of a business course and I can go on and onnnn about it. Seriously, I think that business is a course that is really difficult in the sense that your answers are always very subjective and market-based and with market factors included in most of our studies, it just gets even tougher to understand and digest those information!

I have been sleeping at odd ungodly hours lately and waking up not long after to study, study, and study. In short, I'm very deprived of sleep now. It feels as though I study 24-7 and this feeling is NOT good. But oh well, at least I switch studying environment and it's less dull and boring. We went to Berwick library that day (oh I love that campus and its library), then Caulfield's (which we've sorta gotten bored of already) and Clayton's Matheson Law library today, and it'll be State Library this Saturday! I love studious silence. Can't wait to study and be productive studying in those environments =)

Went and consult mr. french lecturer today and it really helped. A lot. He's such a great lecturer, I really think he knows a lot of stuff and has a very good way of teaching. Let's hope this subject is one that yields superb results *cross fingers*.

Sigh mom, I have no time to boil water, fold clothes, wash clothes, and cook. So sad =(
Now if only mom was here to cook for me, boil soup for me and do chores for me, it'd be so great hehe. Basically studying overseas is about juggling between studies, play and chores. At home, the chores were taken care of by mommy, and I didn't have to worry bout that. But here, sigh, one extra thing to do. =(

Sigh, exams examsss!! In less than a week's time. Chances of HDs this time round? Well there might be, but let's not place too much hopes. What I should do is to aim, and as the saying goes, by shooting for the moon, at least I land among the stars =).

Oh random thought, I remember I attended this debate in Melbourne Uni by the Malaysian students who study in Australia (the topic was bout NEP), and one of the debater got this phrase wrongly by saying "Shoot for the stars and you land among the moon" or something like that. Damn joker. Please get your phrases correct before reciting it rather confidently (thinking that you're right but fact is you're a little wrong) in public. However though, I would say that the phrase that he makes, could actually mean something, but even that, it should sound something like "Shoot for the stars and who knows, you might reach the moon". Now that sounds like some unexpected desirable returns doncha think! Haha. (But then it's still not the cliche phrase that we always hear! =P)

Okay, I shall not be too critical at this point.

This is what a stress person does (or at least that's what a stressed me does when studying =P)

Ahhhhhh!! sostresssostresssostressSOSTRESSEDDDDDD =((((
*Takes deep breath*
*Chants* Life is good. Life is awesome life is great. *Faints*

It's library day again tomorrow. Sigh, hate walking in the cold and freezing all my way to and from uni. =( This may sound crazy to most of you but, I really miss Malaysian weather. At least it's stable and unlike here, temperamental. "Like a woman's temper", according to Navjit's friend.

Anyway, it's 3.55am here now and it's way, wayyyy past bedtime. I guess I'll stop here for now. Another wordy post =/

I'll see you when I see you folks. I won't probably be blogging much for the next few weeks til exam ends. Till then, take care!!

My nightmares:~
15/6 - Lending Decisions
16/6 - Taxation Law
18/6 - Investments and Portfolio Management
22/6 - International Banking and Finance



Depressed. Bye guys!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It is a very good feeling to make something with your heart and soul (not so kua cheong but you get the idea) and have someone appreciating it.

It's even a better feeling to have the homies to all join in the process of it til 2am in the morning by supporting (Sarah and Becca) and making noise and creating drama in the kitchen by baking their own cake at the same time and creating so much of jokes (Navjit and Janice).

These were the undecorated cupcakes that we baked for Sek Koln on his 21st birthday. *proud*

And this is how it looked like after decorating =)

Basically we baked 21 cupcakes and at his birthday dinner itself we arranged it on a tray and put H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y candles. Glad that he looked appreciative of our effort =) (hope he really is though! haha.)

I went to Coles to buy ingredients for the chocolate frosting last minute this noon but thankfully everything turned out well and the cakes looked pretty =) Man.. beating the cake batter was tough and required so much of energy! But it was still fun overall and worth the effort =) Thanks to the baking sifus Becca and Sarah I think now I know the basics of baking. haha!

Happy Birthday, Lau Sek Koln. Blessed 21st!

Thanks for the dinner. *hugs*

Ps: Qi! See I told you there's no such thing as fail! =P