Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Guess what?

I combed my hair today! It's been awhile...

HELLO COMB! It's been almost a year since I last used you! =D

Hi. Missed me?

Hi. Missed me?

Thought so! =P

Oh no! My 1 week mid sem break is officially over! To be honest, I spent that whole week bumming around more than doing anything productive. Partially also because baby Amanda (my cousin) is here for the week as her parents are overseas. She's such a distraction because she's too adorable. Just couldn't resist playing with her!

And, I had an assignment due today at 5pm. Just handed it in. Basically I spent the whole week doing it, yet I still had to sleep at 5.30am last night. The reason? Well.... procrastination, of course =(

Well, anyway it's all over! Assignments for the semester (and potentially for the entire uni life)! Now I gotta shift my focus to the remaining tutorial work and revision for final exams. It's all happening in 23 days! OH LORD THAT FAST?! No, seriously, OMG. And what am I doing here and on Facebook again? Shit, self-control, SELF CONTROL! =(

Ok no wordy post for now (it's been awhile since the last wordy post yes?) because I've been too busy to ponder on things! No time to think, no. AHH I dread exams =( But, fret not! For there're loads of activities lined up after exams!

The Grace is coming back! And hey daling, can't wait to go do breakfast! karaoke! shopping! and... road trips? =D omgggg I ought to get my pricey-but-pretty-which-is-worth-it white and black bow ribbon in addition to my red and white collection. No, seriously. OH and not to forget, my EMO GIRLS reunion! plus the guys of course. More trips I can foresee? =D

As for now, I gotta get back to the books and the notes.

*nerd mode*

stone. =(

Watch these!

Sorry, Sorry / Super Junior MV 中文空耳字幕-那根芭蕉版

Seriously, you just gotta watch this video - Super Junior: Sorry Sorry.

It is super hilarious. I know it's meant to be cool and entertaining and yes, i find it entertaining, but hilariously entertaining. It's so funny it's like instant stress relieve everytime i watch it. The dance steps are kinda funny, plus so many guys dancing like this.... hahahahahahahaah omg. Really. And the chinese lyrics that some dude created. It's totally hilariously awesome. Watch it, I command! =D

Jane Zhang & JJ 我飞故我在 "Fly" 张靓颖 林俊杰

Gotta thank Joey Goh for sending this link to me. Didn't know the joy boy had such awesome taste too :P It's a very beautiful song i reckon! Both their voices are very good and complement each other well. I particularly like jane zhang's vocals more in this song. As for jj, well i've always liked his voice =)