Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This is a slight update of what I've been up to lately.

1) Worked at a concert.

Sandy Lam's concert. Great experience. Quite an eye opener =)

This was taken during the rehearsal. Apparently we were not allowed to take pictures/video during rehearsals. So I only dared took it from afar =/

One of the crew members did ask if I was interested in working for Astro on Demand (AOD), apparently to play games with HK celebs? and with quite attractive salary. But unfortunately I would be in Australia then and had to forgo that opportunity. =/

2) And I'll be starting my internship next week
I'll be starting my internship at Alliance Bank in KL soon on Monday. Say goodbye to my summer vacation. I feel excited but scared at the same time. Worried that I don't know the operations in the banking/finance sector and will drive my superior nuts. T__T

Update: Changed my mind last minute and decided to do summer semester in Monash instead. Say hello to studies again woohoo. haha. Let's hope summer semester is really that chillax as described by some friends hmmmm.

3) I miss...

my long hair T___T

emo... =(

Doesn't quite look emo-ish?... wadever la. emo. =(