Monday, July 27, 2009


Guess what I did today.

I watched a musical. By the choir of SMK Seafield. It was awesome except that the pastor's wife (in the musical) acted quite badly. Cos the way she talked = cacat. and the way she sang = cacat. Not that I could do well if I were in her position but what I mean here is that they could have gotten someone who could play her role better. Hmm well, maybe they have their reasons for putting her in that role. I'm just really amazed by the talent these young schoolchildren have. They're awesome.

Suan Shih's sister played the lead and was stunning. Haih why she so pretty T_________T

Oh and guess what. Suan Shih and Kah Keat were supposed to pick me and Jean up to go for dinner before heading to school for the musical. And they were late again! HAHAHAHA.

That's not the point.

The point is, I did this while waiting for them...

picture is small cos i look ugly but still wanna show

my eyes looked exceptionally/relatively small that day T____T
i mean it's already small to begin with... but this one even smaller =(

eh my eyes normally don't look this small wan ok. haha.

Eh I haven't been doing this for so long. As the saying goes when in doubt post all. Forgot where I got that from but it's so true.

Ok goodnight. I'm going to bed as a happy girl tonight =)

Thanks to you =)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I watched Harry Potter...

... and Dumbledore died.



oh and Suan Shih cried too! in the cinema. HAHAHAHAHAHA SHAME SHAME HOW OLD ARE YOU SUAN SHIH =P

Fine. I felt sad too. aiya damn sad la. How is Harry gonna survive now?

But he was damn stupid also. Dumbledore asked for water he took so long to give him water. hmm maybe that's why he died =(

kidding laa it's just a movie damn it why should we speculate the cause of Dumbledore's death right?

But I think Harry Potter... I mean Daniel Radcliffe is so super duper triple quadruple short. ok not that short but short compared to others. >=/

Ok bye bye.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Kacua (cockroach) the hero removing the prawn from the rod
(nobody else really dared to touch it. haha.)

YAY hasil tangkapan! =D one of which was caught by meee with some guidance from jason =D

oh this one very scary. let's look closer.

I feel really sorry for the prawn =(

Wormssssss O_O

It was our first time prawning and it was fun with some laughs in between. Shari did something REALLY funny unintentionally. hahahaha. and she said this omg~

shari says (12:34 AM):
shari is the paling geng prawn catcher

indeed, she is DAMN geng. geng til the extent that the prawn didn't struggle when she caught it so it wasn't much of a trouble removing the prawn from the rod. the prawn that she caught literally banged the ceiling and then the pole and i think it died rightaway. heheh. omg shari so cute.

We then proceeded to Boston and got them to cook our prawns and it was GoOoood~

Really fresh and that is also why the shells were so easily peeled.

Note I do not usually like to eat prawns but our hasil tangkapan = must eat and it was yummay mummay =D

ok late already. time for bed. goonai.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Update: Malaysia scored against MU! Awesome. Amri Yahyah (whatever the spelling is) did a great job. It was a draw for quite some time til Michael Owen scored the winning goal almost towards the end of the match. I secretly wished for Malaysia to win. hehe. But anyhow I think that the score of 3-2 (MU won of course) was very good for Malaysia already =)
Hehe, I actually got these pics some time back but never got around uploading it here. So many to upload la. Lazyy...

So here are the pics in no particular order. As mentioned before, the trip was awesome =)

This is the supposingly NICE cendol but I do not appreciate cendol so I thought it was a lil too sweet cos I hate gula melaka. But I think you'll definitely love it if you're a fan of gula melaka =)


Jason looks so sleepy here. Eh what happened to the picture. how come like that! =/

Rather candid one.

This orang utan is really cuteeee. Unfortunately i'm really scared of it. Kah Keat requested for a pic of its ass. So hamsup =S

The lovebirds !

Them again... -_____-

A must have if you visit Malacca though it's nothing very different from the normal oil rice except for the shape.

Aww.. Don't they look good together?
Wait til you see the other one who looks EveN better with him. (got chemistry hahaha) =X
*runs before Jason comes with a parang*

Nyom nyom nyom~

Shari's got dimples. so pretty T______T

Hello Brian! Boo boo chak! xD
Brian shy shy... =P


Malacca river at night.

Jonker Street =)
oooh I finally found those wire rubberband here. weee so happy =D

We were so hungry that we emptied those plates in seconds.


We booked a bungalow in A famosa and it comes with a pool per unit.
This is the winning shot of the trip. HAHA.
Look at Kah Keat and Suan Shih... just look at them la. hahaha.

Jason diving o_O

Chor dai dee which I won most of the rounds.
Now you can call me winner khoo. =P




Grace looks like a typical tourist. haha.

except for me =D

Backsides -_____-

more trips to come in the future with the same people I HOPE!

By the way I got my results already and 1 subject was really disappointing. Perhaps cos I set my expectations too high... (expectations high = disappointment higher if outcome is not desirable)
But overall still ok I guess... considering that I did better than most of my friends... (friends in BBusCom not engineering ah!) different course different standard. lol. *self consolation*
Anyhoo i'm glad that my average is higher than previously and still able to get me (transfer) into Caulfield. Just that grade wise isn't that good this time. Now it only depends on whether they have enough place there next semester and whether my subjects match theirs or not (in order for me to complete my degree as scheduled). Pray for me k. Thank you.

And oh mee gosh I will still need to see "risk" & "return" and will definitely have to see these for the rest of my working life cos I'm majoring in accounting and finance. T_______T
But I will get through this. Bi Sheng! hahah wadahell...
Ok bye.

Thursday, July 16, 2009



with you and you and you!

Hee it's just badminton for heaven's sake but I don't know why I'm just SO excited! =D

OK i'm going to bed ho ho ho the action starts tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All good things do come to an end

As you all know, I was on holiday for almost a month already. And sadly it's coming to an end. After which I wouldn't have much time to spend with the dalings and Grace is going back to Aussie next friday and Suan and Shari are leaving REAL soon. T_________T

So we were trying to meet up everyday and do some fun things together (which do not seem fun actually but fortunately the company's fun). However everyone seems so busy lately and even planning to go to Pyramid for a good Bish Bash moment is SO difficult.
Man i'm getting tired of this you all plan la k I will just sit back and wait for you all to tell me the plan and I'll just go =PP smart move? But Suan Shih if you're reading this by any chance (which I don't think you will), damn I miss talking crap with you and when can I have that again? T_______T

Ok la damn emo now I better go first. Got the pictures from Shari and Kah Keat but so far i'm sitll too lazy to blog.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Random updates

The other day we went to the awesome dining place "Mum's Place" for dinner. The food there is awesome, very very delicious but the price is a bit expensive. But what to do, my whole family just love eating there.
If you happen to go there, do order their smoke chicken and keledek with lime juice. It's a must for us whenever we visit that place.

This is an amazing sight.
Can you see the stretch of black dots above the windows? They're ALL birds. o_O

My hair looks so @!#$@ now I urgently need a haircut T______T

Hmm.. Does my hair look better like this? =/