Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And it's end of the war.

If we know that procrastination will bring us down, why do we even let it get the better of us despite being aware of that even when we are procrastinating?

If we know our mistakes this time and fully intend to change for the better the next time, why do we always let procrastination interrupt the intention to do so? Or even, why can't we seem to get the desirable outscome even after so much hard work?

These were the questions that often came into my mind after incidences like exams. and assignments. I always would procrastinate and only start doing all I could only when it's nearing.

I truly wish to eliminate that behaviour of mine. Even when I was in my first semester in university, mind you. But I never really succeeded. I wanna pray to Guan Yin ma to not let me be so lazy all the time. Consistent effort will do me good when final exams come. I jolly well know that. Sigh.

After writing so much, I would like to proudly announce that my final examinations are officially over! It was alright, I hope, except for the law paper which I did not have enough time to do much. And even though it is an open book paper, it was really difficult to find the statutes and cases T_____T I felt like crying in the exam. Really I did. I hate Company law.

I am so tired now and my face is full of pimples after approx 3 weeks of late nights (almost every night). oh and I have obvious dark circles around my eyes too. I shall rest for a few days before going out with the dudes and ladies first. hehehe.