Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rant again! =D

I went for a mild shopping today. And it frustrates me to find that I have problem choosing one of these two. They are just so similar but different! urggh.

They look equally good right? I always take picture to see if it really looks good.

I wanted to find a white tank top recently. But then the white is wee bit too transparent. But it's not obvious here. Anyway I didn't get the white one =( Despite that it was on a 50% discount and was a really great deal. Oh well you must be looking at me with the wadahell face now if i'm telling you this face to face. heh. sorry, girls are like that. not all but i'm like that =P

On another unrelated note,

I saw this from Jason Mraz's blog and it was very surprising.

He wrote this. (It's supposed to be a post on answers to fans' tweeters questions.)

From RecycleOrBurn@: Whats in the mug you’re always sipping from during concerts?
His answer - "Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa is oral demulcent sore throat syrup. It’s like tea, but more like molasses from the China Sea. "

And he proceeded to post a picture of Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa.

I don't know bout you, but I think it's very surprising indeed, to find that a person like him drinks Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa. That's what I used to like drinking as a child =) Ooo Jason and I do have something in common =P

Click here to read the said post =)

Chao chao! =)

I am loved =D

This was the said night that I broke my record for the first time and came home as early as almost 3am in the morning. It was supposed to be Suan's farewell =(
I came home with a sore throat. Nevertheless, it was fun all in all =)

Crazy buncha people.

Calvin Klein (his name is CK)'s pose sangat mengadas. haha.

SUAN! @_@

I don't know but I just think it just looks as though they around us are all blurred
except for the 3 of us HAHA

I hope our reunion will be as soon as possible.

Bad lighting =(

The waiter took a lousy group picture of us

Kleo did a crazily good job singing a super fast paced song by Machi =S

Chung Seng looks funny here hahahahaha.

SuckerzZz =P

Red Box's ever so irrelevant tidbits =/

We bought a cake for her.

I don't know if she really cried or was merely pretending.

But she was touched I could tell =)

Who asked her not to miss us?

Should ask her to miss us ma!


Bad lighting. Makes me look fat on the face =/

I will miss this.


Thursday, August 27, 2009


There's a lizard that just came out of my room to the computer room. I screamed when I saw it and it got scared it kinda almost dropped on the floor it's so scary I tell you =( =( =(

I have an assignment due tomorrow and I have just started typing not long ago. But I did my draft though. BUT stupid lizard is here how am I gonna do in peace and burn midnight oil in peace when it is around! T_______________T

Help =(

Why didn't I buy the lizard repellent last time =(

God I feel like crying now. Life gets even tougher when you're down. I finally feel the burden =(

Love <3

Had a good sing-shout moment last night and came home only near 3am. This is the craziest and funnest (if this word ever exists) moment I've ever had, In total contrast with what I'd been feeling for the past few weeks. It's great to lift me up when I was so down. IT WAS FUN!

Now I have sore throat. Aiks. =X

But Suan Shih is leaving soon =( I'll have 1 less crazy friend in Malaysia with me =( =(

Suan Shih I love you.

Shari I love you.

Others I love you guys too. You guys are fun =)

Ok off to class now. Toodles. Pictures up soon I hope =)

Monday, August 24, 2009


There's every reason for a girl to take self-obsessed pictures. No I don't wanna use the term "camwhore" here as it sounds like i;m degrading myself which I should not =P

Ok la i do use that sometimes cos that's what everyone's using but hehe i dont like to use that word lalala.

Oh and I think my skin got better =D let's hope it maintains. See how long it'll last. heh.

Toodles. Me love you long time darlings =)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Face exposed.

Many people mentioned that they haven't seen me without make up before?

But trust me, with or without make up, both look similar, just that with make up I have more colors on my face (and that is why I love make up =)) and without make up I look slightly paler.

This is me with makeup.

This is me with makeup with a weird smile.

This is me with makeup with a fat face when I was relatively fat =/

This is me without makeup. I think it looks pretty decent what? =P

This is me without make up

And this is me without makeup

So yeah, don't you agree with me now? =P

Friday, August 14, 2009

MSLS 09 pictures

Got them from Shari kek cawan.

this was what we did in the toilet. that's why we took so long to come out. ngek ngek.

Nikko hotel... awesome toilets they have. haha.

SHARI my love!!

I'm so thankful you were there with me that day! (you know why. heh.)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Colours of life (1)

I attended this conference on Saturday and Sunday. It's the 3rd Malaysian Student Leaders Summit (MSLS). Well what I wanna say bout this is that, I feel so intellectually challenged with so many people from universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, plenty plentyyyy more and even a minority from Harvard o_O.

Most of them are studying in the UK, while I on the other hand, am pursuing my studies in Monash, an Australian university. Consequently, when those studying in the UK were discussing bout their respective universities and their studies and the UK (particularly London), I felt left out as mine was a different system (Australian) altogether. It's like basically majority of the participants were UK students. And mind you, many of these UK students know each other. I felt so left out as I was sorta the odd one there. But I assure you, if this is a conference organised by students studying in Australia, I will definitely NOT feel as left out as I did here =)

However, this was a good experience as I got to listen to Tun Mahathir, YB Khairy, A Samad Said, Sheikh Musaphar Shukor the angkasawan and many many more speak in person. It was very enlightening indeed. Oh and Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon was so friendly he came up to us and shook our hands while we were just hanging around among ourselves. That experience was priceless. In a nutshell I felt honoured to be there. =)

I think we took some pictures but they are in Shari's camera. Will post them up if I get them. Now I shall resume my assignment. Toodles =)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day out with Ee Ann.


It's her 19th birthday and she's a big gal now. =)

We ate a lot, talked too much til our voices run dry, ate a lot, ate a lot, and we also did this.

Too bad Shari had to leave early for another date and couldn't join us for this. =(

It was so fun. With the right company. And it's also my first time doing something I shouldn't. heh heh what are you thinking? =P

Sigh girls, you gals never fail to lift me up when I'm down at my lowest moments. I really don't know what I'll do without you. Picturing you guys leaving me for overseas is truly a nightmare T_____T

His/her name is Haruhi. =/

But it's undeniably pretty. And she's so photogenic.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Why do people add salt to their coke? Personally I think the taste of Coke does not differ significantly whether or not you add salt to it. Someone told me that he adds salt to his Coke to counter the sweetness of Coke. Eh like that more unhealthy lor I think. More suger + more salt in your body. o_O

I have been having nightmares everynight for the past few days. First it was bout
a big fugly reptile which really freaked me out. Then it was bout zombies. You know I believe in the existence of Zombies. The english version of zombies. not the chinese ones. Cos it's quite scientific the story behind the existence of zombies especially after watching I Legend which Will Smith acted in. Then after that it was... I forgot but I just didn't sleep well =/

This picture. Doesn't it just make you smile? Dogs are so cuteeeeeeee. I have a really soft spot for dogs. Especially cute pet dogs. Sigh.. doggyyyyy <3

Saturday, August 1, 2009

There're tons of fishes in the water so the waters I will test.

Katy Perry's thinking of you. I think I finally understood the meaning of the song. But then I don't know how does "Like an apple hanging on a tree, I picked the ripest one I still got the seed" relate to the story.

On another random note, Chris Daughtry's voice is so good! And I think he and Kris Allen sound quite alike here and there. haih chris daughtry... <3