Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's terribly hard to tell someone honestly how you felt bout what she did/didn't do when she turns all defensive, not even accepting what you say.   And to make things worse she goes on and on babbling things that signal an initiation to argue.  Wouldn't opening your heart and talk nicely be a better option? I always wished i had someone like this to confide in. How do i talk calmly to you when you didn't even allow me to in the first place? This happened every. single. time. Sometimes,  in general it might seem like nothing is wrong, but drill down to smaller details/incidences, some of the things could have been done better. There are some incidences to mention, but i just thought there wasn't any point bringing it up since anything said was defended without consideration. Well, perhaps i just have to keep these to myself and feel the burden of not being able to share with anyone. Does anyone know how helpless this feels? Sigh.