Sunday, December 12, 2010


It's been quite an interesting week so far. But I've been out too often lately and have been spending limited time at home with the family (bet they missed me too woohoo). Let's hope tomorrow (Sunday) and the few days after would be nice stay-home days! =D

Nevertheless, it's been fun seeing new people, attending the bbq minus those annoying cats :( URGH!, the dinner with people I did not know well (but randomly fun =D), and the meet-ups with people who came back from overseas lately! It's been great.

And the sleepover at lil poh's house too, in which we talked and laughed so hard I had asthmatic cough for the night, and then the birthday dinner I attended when I haven't even met the birthday boy before. how muka tembok i know right but it was fun nevertheless :P. haha! =P

And this coming week, more rounds of meet-ups/dinner/yumcha.
(Oh crap, wallet is seriously getting thinner! How now brown cow?)

And that particular meet-up, should I or should I not? hmm.

nyehe! picure time! :P

Goodnight. Guess I won't be insomniac tonight after tiring myself from the past few days! =D

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